Cheap Flights – Don’t worry, we got your back

Cheap Flights – Don’t worry, we got your back

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The time has come to book your flight. When you have the same amount of money as Elon Musk, you don’t really care how much you pay for a flight, but for 90% of the rest of us, the old saying is completely true. A penny saved is a penny earned. That’s why we had partnered up with Expedia; one of the top two biggest travel companies in the entire world. Which means we get to bring you the best deals out there. That’s right, we got the cheap flights.

Distance is one of the biggest factors when it comes to flight prices. Jumping on a 20-hour flight to The Land Down Under will cost you a lot more than say a quick weekend getaway with the lads from London to Amsterdam. Well, if you don’t behave and delete all those pictures from your phone, then Amsterdam might turn out to be the most expensive holiday ever. Bye-bye wife and bye-bye half of all your stuff.

Expedia was founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft and later in 1999, they went public. With revenue of over $15 billion per year and a name like Expedia, which is a combination between “exploration” and “speed”, you can easily see why they are one of the top two biggest travel companies in the world.

Types of flights

Airlines typically have four different cabin classes available. I’m talking about the big aeries, not the small planes with just coach seats. These classes are economy, premium economy, business and first class. Airlines also differ from each other and coach on the one’s plane can have more leg room than another’s plane. Many airlines use the same model planes, but they configure the interior differently. In the early days, seats were a lot wider, but as time passed and demand increased, the seats got narrower. In another 50 years, we’ll all be packed in like sardines. I don’t even want to think about what it will be like in a 100 years.

Economy Class

Economy / Premium Economy Class

These are the most affordable seats for anyone on a tight budget or ten children. Below this, you can ask to cling onto the landing gear for half price, but they might not accept your offer. Economy seats are around 16 – 19 inches wide and the leg room ranges from 30 – 34 inches. Anyone who has been on such a flight before, especially tall people like me, will know that it’s really not a lot. Premium Economy claims to have slightly more space, but I’m not sure if an inch or two will make such a huge difference.

Snacks are just standard small glasses of water, soda, cups of tea or coffee and on very short flights, you don’t even get anything. On longer international flights you’ll get a meal and something to drink and if you ask the flight attendants very nicely, you might even score a couple more beers for free out of them. A few cold ones go a long way in making those long flights bearable. Just be sure to behave, otherwise you’ll get an escort off the plane at your destination. And not the fun, V.I.P. one.

Toilets in these sections are very tight and not too comfortable. But if all you need to do is a number one or a number two, then they’ll do just fine. Joining the mile-high club in these toilets, unfortunately, won’t be possible. Prices typically range from around £100 or $130 for short, domestic flights and all the way up to around £1500 or $1950 for long, direct, international flights to The Land Down Under or the Far East. You do get some cheaper flights on these budget airlines, so Expedia will be able to show you the way.

Business Class

Business Class

It gets better. We’re moving onto the more luxurious way of air travel. This is where you’ll get wider seats that reclines further back and a full meal service. American Airlines go one further; there you’ll get a seat that lies flat, multi-course meal, your own little mini bar and you’ll even have access to the full bar with a bartender and snacks. Business class was born when first class fares got too expensive. This is a completely different class than economy and on some airlines, it even replaced first class.

Business class fares typically range from around £2400 or $3000 to around £4000 or $5000 per seat. Paying this fare allows you to use the airline’s corresponding business class lounge. Relax in comfy chairs. Connect to Wi-Fi and get some work done if you have any. Enjoy some exclusive beverages and gourmet dining and the best part is that it’s quiet and doesn’t have that constant buzz you would normally find in an airport. Not a bad way to wait for your flight. Just don’t enjoy the beverages too much and miss your flight. They’re not cheap.

First Class

First Class

Passengers flying on commercial aircraft can’t get anymore upgraded than this and this experience varies depending on the airline. From seven-foot lie-flat seats with massage features, in-flight entertainment and full meal service to a luxurious three-room suite with bedroom, living room and own bathroom with shower, first class have it all. On a flight like this, everything is just better. Better atmosphere, better seats, better drinks and better food. You also don’t need to fight for space on the armrest with the 400-pounder next to you, so that means you get to keep all of your teeth.

Some of these suites can go for up to £16,000 or $20,000, but as the old saying goes: ‘If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.’ As with business class, you also get to wait in the first class lounges that the airlines have to offer and best of all, you can make your friends at home, jealous. If you want to go one step further, this will be the perfect opportunity to take a selfie and show off those duck lips.

Private Jets

For a regular old Joe like me, private jets is just a pipe dream. This is where the money starts to get silly and really only the rich fly like this. Maybe if I can get the wife to do some overtime and double shifts, we can one day afford to fly private, but till then, see you in economy.

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Safe travels.