Best hotels to stay in – Hottest deals out there

Best hotels to stay in – Hottest deals out there

When you are planning a trip, it can and probably will get quite stressful. Enter Jaco. As you read through our website, you will find that I’ve done all the searching for you. Found out all the prices, best places to visit, flights, directions etc, to make your life easier. Now, you can’t visit another country or place and sleep on the street, because sidewalks are really bad for your back. That leaves us with only one option and that is to use the best company out there to find you the best hotels to stay in.

Sure you can try different search engines and travel companies out there, but why bother? is one of the top two websites in the entire world and by partnering up with them, we can give you the best deals possible. You can stay in the best accommodation for the best prices and have the time of your life with the love of your life. Just make sure you delete any pictures before returning home to your wife. has over 28 million listings and you can view the site in 43 languages. Trust me, if you can’t find a place to stay on there, you don’t really want to go on holiday. Founded in 1996, this company has been hooking people up with a place to stay for 26 years. You don’t get to be in business for that long without knowing what you do. You don’t get to be one of the biggest travel and accommodation websites in the world without having the best deals out there.

Where to go

Where to go? That is the question. If you have an unlimited budget, you can pack up and go on a moment’s notice, but if you are like 90% of the world, holidays come but once a year. Careful planning is involved. You have to make budget calculations. Flights need to be booked. You have to find accommodation, book a hire car, make sure there are places for the children to play and if necessary, a day care centre to drop off your mother-in-law.

And, lo and behold, you make a mistake or book the wrong thing, your better half will turn into her mother in an instance, so when you check for day care centres, make sure that there are two spots available. Accommodation

We did a two-week tour of the Alpes last month, visiting Switzerland, Italy, France, Liechtenstein and Austria and made all of our bookings through and we managed to stay in pretty great accommodation for very reasonable prices. The photos above and below were not part of the trip. I’ll tell you about that trip in a whole other post, since it was awesome!

Accommodation at

Jet off to anywhere in the world

Again, if you have an unlimited budget, you can travel all year round. Maybe start at the bottom in Australia and work your way up, or if you are on a budget, careful planning is in order. With seven continents to choose from, that will be no easy task. The world is full of wonder, no pun intended. If you want to read about seven of them, you can read my post about the 7 natural wonders of the world, because they are awe-inspiring!

  • Take a scenic helicopter ride over and through the Grand Canyon. This is also a good place to get rid of your mother-in-law. While everyone enjoys the wonder, it’s not your fault that her door opened up and seatbelt came loose.
  • Paricutin Volcano – Visit this volcano in Mexico that suddenly appeared one day in 1943. A farmer called, Dionisio, was busy preparing his field when rumbling scared the hell out of him and his family. The sudden appearance of the volcano was enough to start the Legend of Speedy Gonzales. Locals described the smell of rotten eggs and then Dionisio and his family streaked past like bats out of hell.
Rio de Janeiro Harbour
  • Visit The Rio de Janeiro Harbour and take the most breathtaking selfies. This is a harbour like no other and even defeated Cape Town’s harbour for the last spot in the 7 natural wonders of the world.
  • The Northern Lights – This should be on everybody’s bucket list. This spectacular display only occurs in the Artic or Antarctic regions. The other night when I looked out the window, I thought that I saw some lights, but it was just my glaucoma drops causing a reaction.

Much more to see

Victoria Water Falls
  • The photo above shows The Victoria Waterfalls. This is the biggest waterfall on earth and can be visited through two countries. You can enter through Zimbabwe, lose your mother-in-law somewhere along the road and exit through Zambia so that she can’t find you again.
  • Mount Everest – Visit the highest point in the world if you dare. If you don’t dare, you can still travel to Shigatse; a city at the base of Mount Everest. The experience will stay with you forever, because that’s the time you froze your nuts off.
  • Lastly, you can make your way to The Land Down Under to tour the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the largest coral reef system in the world and can be seen from space. This is also where you would find Nemo.

If none of these sounds promising to you, you can pick and choose wherever you want to go. My job is just to tell you about some of the best places to visit in the world and more importantly, connect you to so that you can find the best deals possibly out there. It will also get the old ball and chain’s appreciation, so two birds.

Palace of the Lost City

Best Hotels to Stay in

My personal favourite holiday destination in the last 10 years, was Sun City in South Africa. Now that the British Pound, US Dollar or the Euro are quite strong vs the South African Rand, it will be a great time to go. That resort offers 5-star luxury of the highest order, so your dime will go a very long way. Please do yourself a solid and put The Palace of the Lost City on your bucket list. Trust me, you will thank me after.

Once you’ve decided on your next holiday destination, be sure to visit us and we’ll help you find the best deals. Click on any of the links you can find on this page, enter your destination details and we will do the rest.

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